Have you felt blank before creating a new artwork? Have you been hit by creative block? It’s very important what are creative blocks and why do they happen? In this post, we will get to know the ways to overcome creative block.

creative block


Art block is one of the most unusual experiences that an artist goes through. It often dries up an artist’s creative imagination. Getting inspired again seems to be tough but can be simply bought into practice.


Sometimes an artist works so much that he/she finds it difficult to stay enthusiastic. Before jumping on to the ways to overcome creative block, let us learn more about it.


What are creative blocks (artist blocks)?

There is no particular definition of what they are and why do they happen. Creative blocks are mere abstract perceptions. The general accord is the time when an artist can’t create new work or finds it difficult to get motivated. This is what we call artist block or creative block. It is also called as blank page syndrome.


How to overcome creative block?

Following are some techniques which will help your creative juices to flow again.


i. Do drawing exercises for a month. Sit down and make a list of the subject matters that you love the most. You need to draw for thirty days and focus on the subject matter. If you like to draw outdoors while watching the sunrise, go for it. You can paint, draw, write, direct or click pictures. Do whatever suits your boat the most.


ii. Set a routine. There are days when you suffer from ‘no inspiration’ days. For those days, you need to work without any inspiration. Work, even if do not feel like it. This way you will be pushing yourself to your limits. Working on a routine will help you the most.

iii. Jot down your ideas. Always carry a diary with you. Even if you do not feel like holding your brushes and working, write down your ideas. List everything that comes to your mind.

jot down ideas


iv. Carry your art journal always. If you have an idea in your mind, then you can push yourself to sketch it too. You can also create observational drawings.

Read here the tips to use an art journal.

use an art journal


v. Recreating your own work. This is one of the best ways to overcome creative block. Draw something and then recreate five copies. Each time you work on a photocopy, you will add a new fun element to it.


vi. Enroll in art workshops. There are days when you have no motivation. There are days when you feel like you don’t know the latest techniques. For those days, apply into workshops. By enrolling in art workshops, you might find ways to get rid of artist block.
vii. Observe something in your daily routine and draw it. Go out and explore things. Observe things and take pictures of them. Whenever you feel there is no inspiration, doodle the pictures that you have clicked.


viii. Go on a short trip. Sometimes when you have the same routine, you experience blocks to creative thinking. You can always awaken your inspiration by going to new places. A short trip can be a road trip or a walk to the new park or going out to a new café. History tells us the value of exploring new things. Go around and challenge your thoughts.


ix. 100 things I want to do. The list of 100 activity will also help to overcome creative block. Make a bucket list of 100 things that you want to do in your art career. Learning a new style of painting, working with a different medium or a style can be useful.

List of 100 activity


x. Sleep on it. Don’t over think and try to do it all on the same day. Make your routine, take it slow and steady. Work on the creative anxiety one by one.


Creative anxiety is a part of the creative process but it is no fun. Always remember that is a temporary issue and you can broaden the horizons anytime. Keep the above list in your mind and overcome creative block.

be positive