In the entrepreneurial world, going forward without any marketing plan will never work. If you’re waiting for the “perfect opportunity”, it won’t come. Truth is, there are thousands of artists like you who are looking for exposure. Learn how to write an artist marketing plan that works so that your art business can grow.

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Artist marketing plan

A marketing plan will help you to create cohesive stratagems, establish your goals, and develop an outline of the targeted audience. The artist marketing plan will also help you in planning and building tactics to outperform your competition.


  • Find your NICHE and narrow down the targeted audience. What makes your brand special? Who is your targeted audience? What does your audience value in general? How do they distinguish your art type? What is the location of your customers? What motivates the audience? Who are your competitors? Take all these questions into considerations and cover the grounds. If you know the answers to all these questions, it will benefit your artist marketing plan.


  • Establish how to stand out from the crowd. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and your brand as well. Make certain that you research about what your customer’s value. The audience can connect with your meaningful story or your unique artwork.


  • Always work by keeping the bigger picture in mind. Running a business is a struggle and demands hard work. You might also get bogged down by the trials and tribulations. Do not forget to remind yourself of your dreams and long-term goals. It is easy to get distracted by the daily problems. If you develop a marketing plan, your business can turn into a brand. Elucidate your goals and understand the profile of your audience. A bigger picture helps to stay on track.


  • Pricing of your masterpiece. There is no such artist who has not faced any issues while pricing his/her artworks. Know the pricing of your competitor’s artwork but do not copy it. By knowing their prices, you get to know how much people are willing to spend. Young and budding artists have an impulse to compete with the prices. This thing usually troubles them in the long run. People crave for artworks; make sure that the prices are set for that reason.


  • Create an action plan. Now that you have set your goals and you know your audience, it’s time to write the next actionable steps. You need to promote your art to the people who matter. No one else can explain your artwork; connect your buyers with a story. Remember you are the best salesperson your artwork can ever have.

Here are some of the significant points that will help you to get results.

  • Stop wasting your time. Do your research. Before pitching any random institution, get your homework done. This will help you in connecting the potential buyer with your artwork.


  • Converse with any professional. If you don’t know how to begin, talk to an art consultant or advisor. The bits of advice is incredibly helpful and constructive. Advisors have years of experience and they can let you know what kind of buyers you should pitch.


  • Think like a salesperson. Your short-term goal is to connect the audience with your artwork. Why would a person want to buy your art? If you can come up with answers, you can make a sale in minutes.

Whilst targeting the customers, it is also vital that you don’t only SELL. Customers buy the things which bring a value to their life. Give them an insight into your creative procedure.

Having a destination will help you to know where you’re going and how you will excel there. Make your own artist marketing plan and get fruitful results.

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