The New Year is almost here. New Year is a time for new beginnings, new hopes and some new horizons to reach. This time of the year brings reflection, gratefulness, optimism and yes, resolutions. Resolutions, yes the buzzword again. A brand New Year is always a perfect time where people want to make brand new alterations in their lives. Coming to the bitter fact, New Year’s resolutions always sound fun but hard to stick to.

New Year's Resolutions

To make your life pretty simple, we have a list of top ten New Year’s resolutions that you will make you successful.

Set one long-term goal. Long-term goals are those that you want to achieve by the end of the year. For instance, you wish to organize an art show or start up your own art gallery. Such long-term goals will keep you on track and will help you to get to the top of your career game. Decide by when you will accomplish the long-term goal. Once you have decided the time frame, break down the goal into small steps.

Set short-term goals. If you have a long-term goal, break it down into short-term goals. Accomplish the short-term goals within a short duration, such as a week or two or maybe even a day. For example, your goal was to open your own art gallery. One of the short-term goals will include creating a mailing list.

Set deadlines. One of the crucial things that you need to do is to maintain a calendar. By setting up deadlines, you will keep a track of your goals. Also, it will help you to adjust the time to do your paintings.

Find the niche. It is for the budding artists. If you find your niche, it will help you sharpen up your skills and categorize the audience. This will help you to work with the targeted clients and build your brand name and a productive career.

Schedule time to paint. Value yourself as an artist and what you have become. Whenever you get time, create new artworks. Painting is another way of keeping a diary.

Master the concentration level. We often face distractions in our lives. It is vital to learn how to concentrate. Staying in the zone will help you to maximize your time and efforts for your artwork.

Overcome creative block. Every artist’s worst enemy is creative block. The key is to take some time off from the problematic areas and work on them. Get your ideas moving and you are good to go.

Grow as an artist. The only person you should be better than, is the person you were yesterday. Learn new things and experiment. Explore the world and mingle with new people.

Support other artists. If you don’t get along with someone, don’t say anything negative. Artists should always be friendly, caring and supportive. Support one another through thick and thin.

Keep your passion alive. Sometimes workload dries up the motivation level. It is important to keep your cool. If you feel stressed, go out with friends and family. Face your demons and work on our goals.

Always remember that you are blessed to be doing the work that you love!

It is the perfect time wherein you can take stock of 2017. Give a pat on your back for what went well in your art career. Recognize what didn’t turn out to be in your favor and learn from your mistakes. It is the time that you start making new goals. Written above are some of the resolutions that every artist should make this 2018.

top ten new year's resolutions 2018

Wish you all peace, love, and laughter this New Year. The best is yet to come! <3