This particular blog post is for those artists who are bibliophile and love to read art books. Not just the books with beautiful pictures but those with the words.

“A Person Who Won’t READ Has No Advantage Over One Who Can’t Read”- Mark Twain

Yes, reading is everything. It is bliss because it makes a person feels like he/she has accomplished something, learned new things, and altogether it makes us a better human being. Here is our list of top ten art books that should be read by every artist religiously.

Art & Fear

We all are human beings and it is completely normal to have thoughts like, “I have no talent” or “Why am I even making art?” But when we let these thoughts get deep into our head and we start to feel upset about it, that’s where the problem arises. If you also have such an issue, then you definitely need to read this book. If you never had such thoughts, then also you need to read it. This book is a quickie and you will enjoy reading it. This one will surely get your easel faster than anyone.

The Art Spirit

Robert Henri’s “The Art Spirit” is one classic art book that you need to read because it will help you to balance out your arty techniques with some theory and the right amount of emotion. You won’t learn how to draw perfect scenery but you will get an insight into why you are creating art.

Imaginative Realism

This art book is a must one for every type of artist. This book has been written by a phenomenal painter and a teacher, James Gurney. It doesn’t matter what type of art you create, you will find something relevant in here.

Color and Light

And now when we are talking about James Gurney, let’s talk about his second art book. If you have been searching for top-notch books on color and light, then your search ends here. This book has been created after a broad research on how color and light work and apply to art in the real world. James has balanced the scientific facts with a creative flare.

How Picture Works

This art book is a simple and profound one. It is one of the best art books available on composition. The illustrations made in this book are made with cut paper, which has left out a clean design and composition. Molly Bang has used a couple of pictures for comparison to show the blueprint of the design.

Alla Prima

Alla Prima has been written by one of the most prominent artist ever, Richard Schmid. He has done a fantastic job of putting his knowledge into words. It is the most expensive book on this list, but it is worth the money.

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials

This one is a timeless book. Those who want to start out painting and is looking for their guardian angel should definitely pick this book. Those who are good at art can find some really helpful techniques as well.

Hawthorne on Painting

Charles Hawthorne has made one short and sweet book with tons of wisdom. This book has both mixed reviews by people, some find it refreshing and some do not find it much academic. But no other book will be able to instill the passion for art in you.

Figure Drawing for All It’s worth

This is a figure drawing book which will be extremely helpful for each one of you. It is now cheaply available in the market as well.

The Practice and Science of Drawing

This classic drawing book has been written by Harold Speed. It covers various designs but through the drawing lens only. Since drawing is one such thing that every artist does, so everyone can do a little reading on it as well.

Now that you have a list of the best art books of all time, do yourself a favor and give them a read if you haven’t already.

Happy reading!