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Are you an art maker who needs an organized, creative and peaceful art space? Then this is the post you must read. One of the things that usually troubles artists nowadays is not having an art space. Team Majestic Art by Rajesh is here to share some art studio setup ideas.

Even if you have limited space, setting up art studio at home is easy. Before jumping to the setup ideas, let us get inspired a little by these beautiful art spaces.

Image source: Pinterest

Inspiration will help you in incorporating new elements in your art space.

Create An Art Studio At Home

Reality check: At a beginner’s level, it is not possible to create the spaces listed above. Also, if you will make creativity a part of your life, you can definitely find a space for it.

Stop waiting for that perfect art studio. Find a spot and make it your priority. #SpaceForArt

  1. Divide a room into an art studio and living space. You can use a table, shelves, or a screen to delineate the art area from the living space.
  2. Take over a corner. Place some art décor or desks. You can use some shelves that can hold your artworks. This is an instant art studio setup idea.
  3. Convert your closet. Shift your clothing space into a different closet. By using a chair or small desks or mini shelves, you can create a mini art studio space.
  4. Fold-down tables like these. You can install fold-down tables (with storage) in any corner of your home.
  5. Take over the attic, garage, basement or lobby. This way you can create a separate art space than the living one.
  6. Make sure that the art space is bigger and better. It will give you enough space to put up artworks. It will also be easy to organize the art supplies.
  7. Proper lighting. Your art space should have a proper lighting. Make sure that you put up the best lights.
  8. Comfort level: Make certain that your art space has proper chairs and desks to make art in a hassle-free way.

Portable Art Kits

  1. Art pouches. If you create artworks, portable art kit or art pouch is an essential tool.
  2. Art tools bucket. If you have created your art station, a tool bucket will prove to be handy and useful.

Art Supplies That Will Inspire You

You have successfully created your art space set up, now what to put in it? Whether you are a newbie or an experienced artist, this is an important aspect that you must consider. We have rounded up a few of the art supplies that you will enjoy playing in your studio.

  1. Liquid Acrylics: Mr. Rajesh Harsh feels liquid acrylics are the best. The reason being, they move and flow easily. Drip them, marbleize, paint, smudge them or create dense wash layers.
  2. Ink and Gesso: These will definitely turn out to be great choices for your art techniques. They are pocket-friendly.

Decorate Your Art Station

  1. Paint and decorate. Make sure that your art studio isn’t dull. Paint the walls with your choice of colors. If you don’t know how to paint a room, read this blog post.
  2. Put pictures. Put art quotes and things that inspire you the most. Put pictures of those who motivate you, friends or family.
  3. Make a separate shelf for art books. Trust us, books are portable magic. They uplift your soul and inspire you in ways you can’t even imagine. Want to know the best art books, read this blog post.

So these were our ideas for creating an art space. What creative ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Team Majestic Art by Rajesh.