Painting and art creation is a very efficacious way to fuel a human’s brain. By exercising creativity, one can get a channel from their usual routine, helping in expressing sentiments and boosting the level of contentment.

Studies show that art creation can get you into high spirits, whether you’re creating your own piece of art or observing someone else’s. Here are the reasons which will essentially alter your outlook towards painting and art.

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”- Pablo Picasso

All your life you must have heard several delusions floating about art. Some people think you can be an artist only if you are creating your own art. Others tend to believe that an artist is someone who is born with talent. There is a majority of folks who think that they won’t get anything from art just because they are not good at it. Truth be told, all of us are born with an instinctive yearning to articulate ourselves and art is the only medium which has lots of things one can ever imagine.

Following are some ways by which painting and art motivate us to follow a more happy and healthy pursuit towards life.

  • Art creation is a stress buster.

Painting, drawing, photography, and sculpting are one of the few comforting and worthwhile activities that help in lowering the stress levels. If a person has such a hobby, he/she will be calmer and clearer mentally. In order to give your brain a break from the typical thoughts, indulge in art and its practices. If you feel like you can’t create something new, go for the latest trend of adult coloring books. These stress-relief books are made by keeping the adults in mind.

  • Painting and art promote inventive thoughts.

Studies reveal that art enhances a person’s problem-solving skills. Arty activities encourage ingenious thinking and let a person come up with exclusive solutions. Want to grow new neurons, start thinking out-of-the-box.

  • Art creation helps in enhancing self-esteem and providing a sense of achievement.

Do you know why parents stick up their child’s artworks on the refrigerator doors? The answer is simple, to boost their kid’s self-esteem. You can do the same for yourself, create something, and hang it on your wall. By doing this simple thing, you will definitely feel good and be more focused. You don’t need to create artistic things. Do you what you are best at- quilting, sewing, photography, gardening, or knitting.

  • Painting and art lessons will make your child a good student for life.

It has been observed that music, dance, and art programs make better students. Children who learn art perform much better in reading, sciences, and math. If you give art or music lessons to your child, it will surely enhance his/her brain plasticity. These lessons can actually last a lifetime. The art lessons will not only impact the child’s overall behavior but also reduce the impetuosity.

Now that you know all the benefits, I guess you will not put off your artistic side to the corner.

“Do More Of What Makes You Happy!”